What model of TV lift should I choose?

The only relevant measurement when buying a TV lift is actually the height if your screen (without the base). With this height and the desired cabinet height, you can limit the choice to a few models. Make sure that the stroke length (the number of mm the lift comes out) is sufficient to lift the height of the screen out of the cabinet. Also take into account the thickness of a joint valve, if you have one.


Do all TVs fit on TV lifts?
Practically all TVs do. If your TV meets one of the following VESA standards, there is always a suitable bracket-set available: 50x50, 75x75, 100x100, 200x100, 200x200, 400x100, 400x400, 600x200, 600x400 and optionally 800x400 mm (measurements between these sizes of course also fit).

In practice this means that around 95% of the screens fit without needing adjustments. If your TV doesn’t fit after all, the TV lift can often be adjusted so that it does fit.


Mounting, screws, screw holes, "VESA"

There are no screws for mounting the TV to the TV lift in my delivery. Now what?
That’s right. There are none because TV manufacturers use different types and lengths of wire. This makes it impossible for us to deliver the right screws for every TV. These screws are available from any DIY shop or hardware store.


My TV has 6 screw holes on the back, but there are only 4 holes in the braces of the TV lift. Is this a problem?
No, this is no problem. Just use the four outermost screw holes. In principle the two uppermost screw holes should be enough.


My TV doesn’t fit in the brace you delivered. Now what?
Practically all TVs fit our braces, with only few exceptions. Apparently, your TV is one of those exceptions. This is probably easy to solve. If you contact us, we will look for a fitting solution.


What is VESA?
VESA is a universal standard of the connection points on the back of your LCD, Plasma or TFT TV. For more information, visit  http://www.vesa.org


Which VESA standards are there? 
VESA MIS-D 12” – 22.9” diagonal with connection points VESA 50x50 VESA 75x75 and VESA 100x100

VESA MIS-E 23” – 30.9” diagonal with connection points VESA 200x200 and VESA 200x100

VESA MIS-F 31” – 65” diagonal with connection points is a variable pattern, horizontally max. 935 mm, vertically max. 512 mm


What voltage do TV lifts use?
24Vdc, the engines are fed through a transformator from 220 to 24 Volt. (50/60Hz, 1.2 A).


What are the integration measurements of your TV lifts?
All measurements can be downloaded in the shape of blueprints with the button “Downloads” or on the productpage of the TV-lift you prefer.


Can I also install a TV lift upside down?
Of course you can. All models of Venset allow that, and for the so-called A models you should only change the running direction.


Is it possible to use a single remote control for multiple TV lifts?
Yes, that is possible. It is also possible to use multiple remote controls for one lift. At this moment we also have the oppurtunity to synchronize in total 6 TV-lifts of the ST700C/ST1000C together. This can be an option for very large screens but also for board-rooms where several screens need to go up and down at the same time.


Can the maximum reach of the lift be limited?
That is only possible with certain models, like the  Venset ST700 A/B/C, the ST1000 A/B/C, the Deluxe ST660 and the ST999. Of the Venset models the lowest position can also be adjusted.