Why a TV lift?
You might want to choose a TV lift on esthetical grounds, but also to protect your valuable TV against theft.

Why buy a TV lift with Screentech B.V.?
Screentech is a specialist in the TV lift industry and excels on service, quality and price. A big advantage to choose for Screentch is that Screentech has good connections with the producers. Because of that we can give you clarity and answers/solutions on a very short-term, most of the time within 5 working days. What’s more, all lifts can be delivered from our stock.

Do you also sell complete TV cabinets?
No, we only offer TV lifts and advice. For complete cabinets, you can contact a nearby interior designer or furniture store. We can also refer you to companies which are experienced with building in our TV lifts in all types of furniture.

Do you also have a shop?
No, we don’t have an physical shop; we are a webshop. This means that we only receive customers, on appointment, and are only open on working days. Our openingh hours are mentioned on our Contact page.