Welcome to Screentech B.V.

Screentech is, in the Benelux, the specialist in the TV lift system industry for both business and private markets. Most models are developed to build in, but we also offer standalone models. Our assortment has been composed so that there is a solution of every price for every application. Our exployees would love to help you make the right decision for your TV or other solution. And what’s more: most lifts are available, to be delivered within 24 hours in the Netherlands,  from our own warehouse.

Venset Importer

Screentech is, for the Benelux, the exclusive importer of the Danish Venset A/S. Venset is a developer and producer of high-end and innovative TV lift systems which are still affordable. Our close cooperation with Venset allows us to communicate quickly with regard to questions and problems, so a solution is never far away. For more information about Venset, please visit www.venset.com.

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