On this page you'll find all the downloads that are available for both the VenSet- as the Deluxe-lifts. Here you can find several downloads as product drawings, assembling instructions and troubleshootings.


Product Data Sheets

Product                                               Type       Language
DF019 PDF English
DF023 PDF English
SB000 PDF English
ST460B PDF English
ST600B PDF English
ST700A PDF English
ST700B PDF English
ST700C PDF English
ST750 PDF English
ST1000A PDF English
ST1000B PDF English
ST1000C PDF English



Product drawings   

Product   Type                            
Cabinet sizing PDF  
Cabinet packaging 1 PDF  
Cabinet packaging 2 PDF  
DF019 PDF  
DF019 DWG  
FM700 PDF  
FM700 DWG  
FM1000 PDF  
FM1000 DWG  
MB600B PDF  
MB600B DWG  
Venset lifts    
ST460B PDF  
ST460B DWG  
ST600B PDF  
ST600B DWG  
ST750 PDF  
ST750 DWG  
ST700A PDF  
ST700A DWG  
ST700B PDF  
ST700B DWG  
ST1000A PDF  
ST1000A DWG  
ST1000B PDF  
ST1000B DWG  
Deluxe lifts    
ST660 incl. small bracket set PDF  
ST660 incl. big bracket set PDF  
ST999 incl big bracketset PDF  
ST999 incl small bracketset PDF  
ST999 DWG  
Stand alone lifts    
DF019 7S SB000 MBSF PDF  
DF019 7S SB000 MBSF002B PDF  



Mounting instructions

Product                                                                  Type                 Language   
Cabinet manual PDF English
Curly wire ST750 PDF English
Endstop adjustment ST700-ST1000 PDF English
IR Remote A PDF English
IR Remote B PDF English
MB460 PDF English
RF Remote A PDF English
RF Remote B PDF English
SB000 PDF English
ST460B PDF English
ST600B PDF English
ST660 - ST999 PDF NL
ST700A - ST1000A PDF English
ST700B - ST1000B PDF English
ST700C - ST1000C PDF English
ST750 PDF English



Product photos - en videos

Bedroom ST750 Zip
Cabinet ST750 Zip
Desk ST460 Zip
Kitchen ST460 Zip
Pictures ST750 Zip
TV Lift SB000 Zip




  Type Language
VenSet PDF English



Product support 

Product                                             Type Language
ST460B  Troubleshooting PDF English
ST600B  Troubleshooting PDF English
ST750    Troubleshooting PDF English
ST700A - ST1000A Troubleshooting PDF English
Reset RF module A-versie PDF English
Reset RF module B-versie PDF English
Alternative remote-connections PDF English
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